Help for technical users

What is the setup that I need to do on the user's computer?

TLDR: Git needs to be installed and the branch needs to be checked out.

To start from scratch

Follow these Git and Unity setup instructions.

Then you can skip to "How to install Crafty"

If you want to work with a Unity project that is already in a local Git repository

Follow the Git and Unity setup instructions.

Skip step 2, 3 and 4.

Use the command line to make sure your credentials are working.
You might also need to setup the origin from the command line.

If that Unity project is not in a Git repository

You will need to connect it to a Git repository. 

Follow the Git and Unity setup instructions.

You can skip step 4. Instead, after the instructions, take the folder of your existing Unity project, and move it into your newly created Git repository.

Like this:

If you want the user to push to a particular Git branch

Create the branch.

Checkout the branch.

Push it to the remote repository.

How to install Crafty?

Click here

How to use Crafty?

Click here

How does Crafty work?

Under the hood, Crafty is simply using the usual Git functions. You can use Git in parallel.

My team has a particular workflow, can I use Crafty?

For now, Crafty is designed for the "main branch" workflow, where the user stays on the same branch.
It is also designed with the default Git settings in mind.
This means among other things that Crafty uses by default the current checked out branch. If the user needs to change branch or do something more particular, you can always use Git as usual.

How can I validate that Crafty works as expected?

The easiest way is to go on the service you used to create a Git server. 

In this example, I used GitLab.

Go into the commit view. You can then notice commits, containing files that were sent by Crafty.

There are some special characters in my file name

For example:  I am using accents and instead of seeing them, I see some strange numbers ("accentu\303\251" instead of "accentué")
It is normal. By default Git uses UTF8 encoding for special characters.
You can change this setting in Git by typing:

git config --global core.quotePath false