Tested on Unity 2021.3 LTS and 2022.3 LTS on Windows 11. 

You might be able to make it work on other systems, but it has not yet been tested.

How to install Crafty

First, download it from the Unity Store.


If you were given a private download link:
Click on the "Download" button.
Unzip the "" folder.
Take the unzipped "Creatiel" folder and place it under the "Assets" folder in your Unity project so the hierarchy looks like this: 


Note that for Crafty to work, this Unity project needs to be considered as a Git project on your computer. If you are not sure what that means, no worries, ask the person responsible for Git in your team. You can send him these step by step instructions.

How to open Crafty

In Unity, select "Window", then "Crafty", and that's it! Place the window wherever you want 🙂

How to use Crafty

Each time you put your mouse on the Crafty window, Crafty updates information about files.

Sync page

A: See the list of files that have changed.

B: If you see some files you don't want to send, click on the x button next to it.

C: If you want, type some text to describe to your team what you are sending. Your team will be able to read this message using Git.

D: Simply click send!

E: Button to go to lock page if you want to lock files.

Lock page

A: Go back to sync page.

B: The list of files that are locked.

C: Click this button if you want to unlock a file.

D: If a file is locked by someone else, you cannot unlock it.

E: From the Unity project file explorer, drag and drop the files you want to lock.

If you encounter a problem